York Teaching Hospital - Subsidised Therapies Partnership

We’re super excited to have teamed up with YHFT Staff Benefits teams to offer you two of our most popular treatments, 1 HOUR BESPOKE FACAIL & 1 HOUR DE-STRESS MASSAGE for the extra special price of £36. To book your treatment simply visit our website and book via the online booking system, you’ll find it at the bottom of the treatment page.


You can treat yourself to ONE treatment per month, unsure which treatment you’d like, read below to hear more.

A BESPOKE FACIAL is just as the name says & designed completely around your skin type and desired result. We use products most suited for your skin, a steamer to deep cleanse the skin and technologies (such as micro-current) to push the products deeper into the skin. You'll also be given a deep exfoliation to ensure that your skin cells are encouraged to regenerate and over the next 4 weeks you'll feel the lasting effects of healthy skin. As part of this facial, you'll also receive massage of the shoulders, chest & a hand and arm massage too. The Bespoke facial has been designed to be a regular part of your skincare routine and we recommend you have a Bespoke facial every 4 weeks in order to maintain healthy skin & prevent on-going damage.

DE-STRESS MASSAGE, massage can be an important part of your beauty and wellness routine, not just for relaxation, but also for health benefits too.

We've outlined below the key reasons we love massage and provide it as a stand-alone treatment or as part of all our facials too.

1. Massage is RELAXING and can lower your levels of the stress hormone 'cortisol'. When we have unhealthy levels of cortisol floating around our bodies, we are likely to experience weight gain, insomnia or sleep disruption, headaches and digestive problems. We are just not meant to have high levels of cortisol for long periods of times. Whilst you are having the massage and for time afterwards, the relaxed feeling you have will reduce those levels, giving your body chance to recover.

2. With massage, your MUSCLES WILL REPAIR AND RELAX. Our experienced therapists will talk to you about any areas that you feel need particular attention, commonly the shoulders and back area. We can work on those muscle groups and realign the muscular tissue and fibres which have come out of line through wear and tear. Also, your muscles fibres are wrapped in a 'cling film' like wrap and too much muscle contraction creates tensions on the wrap. Massage can help to make it more supple and release the stiffness.

3. Massage will IMPROVE CIRCULATION by moving blood through the damaged and congested areas of the body, this rich bloody supply will promote healing. Massage can also help improve lymph fluid circulation. Lymph fluid contains infection-fighting white blood cells, helping to protect us from infection and disease by carrying waste away from the organs and muscles.

4. Massage can help to IMPROVE POSTURE. Muscle tension can often cause incorrect posture, which intern can cause pain throughout the body. By massaging we can relieve the tense areas and the body is free to position itself in the correct way.

5. Massage can STRENGTHEN YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. Many studies have been done on the effects of stress and immunity, and it's well known that stress can lower your immune system by reducing 'killer cells' which fight tumours and infection and also by reducing immunity-boosting cells. By relaxing on the massage bed regularly you'll be encouraging your body to reduce stress, but also boost the immune system’s ability to create killer cells, coupled with enhancing the body's ability to deliver nourishment - it's a win win for both your mind and body.

These offers are exclusively for York Teaching Hospital Trust Employees as part of their staff benefits scheme, if you work for a different trust and would like to partner with us to offer your staff a wellness package, please contact us revive@thebothywellness.co.uk .

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