IPL Treatment for PIGMENTATION - Ash's Journey

IPL is particularly effective for targeting pigmentation, sunspots and age spots which may occur on the face, décolletage and back of hands. The treatment works by delivering short pulses of light which are absorbed by the high concentration of melanin (pigmentation) found in age spots, sunspots and pigmentation areas. Once the melanin is treated, it is destroyed then the spots will eventually flake away or fade. Ash suffers with sun damage predominately on her cheeks from previously living in Floria, it was hard to always avoid the sun.

We spot treated Ash's pigmentation choosing the larger spots so she could keep her natural freckles.


You can see the slightly darker areas on Ash's cheeks that she was conscious of, we worked together to choose the larger, darker areas of pigmentation to treat.

Immediately afterwards you can see the areas that where treated look red. This usually subsidised within a few hours. Some areas of pigmentation can also immediately appear darker too.

Ash said 'The treatment feels like a warm electric band is being twanged on my skin, I wouldn't say it's uncomfortable but its nothing like our lovely relaxing facials.'


You can see the treated areas have gotten darker as the pigmentation breaks down it rises to the surface of the skin before shedding off


All the pigmentation has now shed revealing clearer brighter skin underneath. Ash's pigmentation went with just one treatment however some people can require more. Book your free Medical Facial consultation to find out more about how we can help with your skin concerns.

Treatment - IPL

Cost - £150 (for both sides of face)

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