5 Reasons To Have A Hollywood Wax!

As seasoned Hollywood & Brazilian wax fans, we wanted to give you our reasons for having the treatment… Break down some of the myths about intimate waxing! There’s less chance of in-grown hairs (rather than shaving) and you only have to have it every 4-6 weeks. Shaving can be such a pain to do regularly and because you’re damaging the skin each time you shave, there’s more chance of in-grown hairs. It’s better for your skin health. When the hair is removed through waxing, it is removed all the way to the root. That type of exfoliation and dead skin cell removal will make your skin very smooth and soft too. After a Hollywood or a Brazillian you feel so much cleaner & neater. It’s much easier

New Facial Alert! 30-minute Express Peel, £38

It's so important that we keep up to date on all things 'Skin Health' and we love nothing more than some innovation in skin care... We're huge fans of the Dermalogica expertise and their products are light years ahead in terms of efficacy & scientific research. Their latest facial treatments are brilliant and have impressed Team Bothy - we're delighted to be able to offer them to you now! 30 MINUTE EXPRESS PEEL, £38 An intensive resurfacing treatment with dramatic results. Decreasing surface roughness, treating acne, reducing fine lines and fading pigmentation with this groundbreaking, biologically-active chemical peel. Less toxic and therefore works with your skin, not against it, to yield

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