Why you need to eat more antioxidants!

We're totally passionate about Skin Health at The Bothy and we want you to have your best skin possible. We completely love facials, loving the fact that you can see the difference to someone skin immediately and know that the benefits of the facial will grow and continue for 4-6 weeks as your skin cells regenerate. But whilst we can affect the texture and tone of your skin, it's harder for us to work with the biological changes that happen to your skin as you age. We always tell our clients to wear SPF, even on cloudy, cold days in the depths of Winter but what else can you do to keep your skin as healthy as possible... We've been reading a brilliant book called 'How Not To Die' by Dr Micha

Why is a happy gut so important?

I've always been fascinated by the link between digestion & general health, including skin health. And research into the gut microbiome has exploded in the last couple of decades. Once considered just to be involved in the workings of the gastrointestinal system, we now know that the gut bacteria can influence pretty much every aspect of health, from bowel function, immune system health, infection risk, skin health, allergy and healthy ageing to blood sugar balance, mental health, brain function and much more. And it is likely that we still only know a fraction of what the gut microbiome is capable of. The 100 trillion or so bacteria that live in your gut, commonly referred to as the ‘gut mi

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