Nail health, the do's and the don'ts!

Our nails are often a good indicator of our general health. Your nails need energy to grow and if the energy isn't there then your nails are one of the first things to be affected. If we use too many products on our nails, they can become dehydrated, peel and start breaking. And lifestyle can really effect your nails too. I've always had ridges in my thumbnails, just like my Dad... But amazingly over the last two years, since I've been eating better and exercising more, the ridges have all but gone! So what should we do to keep our nails in optimum health? The science behind the nail Your fingernails are composed of laminated layers of a protein called keratin. They grow from the area at the

To double cleanse or not to double cleanse?

Over time the fashion for cleansing has changed… We no longer tend to cleanse our face with cream and tissues and it’s a huge big ‘no no’ to be using face wipes (smearing grease and chemicals around the face!). It’s now thought that the best way to cleanse your face is with a product that can be washed off, taking all the dirt and grime with it. And in recent years we’ve started ‘double cleansing’. This means using an oil based cleanser to take the top layer of dirt, pollution and make-up off, before rinsing your face with water. This will break down the make-up, SPF and sebum on the surface of your skin. Before following with a deeper water based cleanser to remove old skin cells. Again, us

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