Welcome to The Bothy tribe

We believe that the key to looking and feeling beautiful is more than skin deep. The Tribe is a team of experts in a range of disciplines that we recommend, from exercise & personal training, lifestyle coaching, business coaching & nutrition. 

Amelia Redhead - Lead Beauty Therapist & Bothy Co-Founder

Amelia Redhead has been practicing within the beauty industry for 10 years, gaining a wealth of knowledge and industry accredited qualifications along the way.

Having experienced first-hand, the negative impact of living with acne and the subsequent scars, Amelia has made it her mission to help others achieve healthier skin, commenting “At times, treatments can be mis-represented or can lead to further skin issues”. Having previously worked at London & Paris Fashion Week, Amelia has a portfolio of well-known brands and public interests behind her.

“Confidence comes from within, but I’ve found over the years that the small changes we make to the outside of the body really do make a difference. I love the lasting affect that an eyelash lift, micro blading eyebrows or a restorative facial can have.” 

Amelia works alongside our therapists, Lisa Turpin & Jess Luck to provide the best beauty services possible.


Tracy Land - Nutritional Therapist

Tracy Land is a York-based Nutritional Therapist, who has been in practice for 11 years.

She sees a variety of different conditions, including:

  • Digestive/gut problems

  • Immune disorders including autoimmune issues

  • Low energy including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Women’s health problems

  • Hormone problems, such as low thyroid and insulin resistance/diabetes

  • Mood and mental health problems

 She has a particular interest in mindfulness – generally, and in relation to food and eating.

Finally, she practises at Leeds Breast Cancer Haven and The Acorn Wellness Retreat.



Jayne Hildreth - Personal & Corporate Coach

Jayne has a Graduate Diploma in Counselling, an MSc in personal and Corporate Coaching and is an NLP Master Practitioner and MBTI Practitioner. She has been working with individuals change for over 20 years.  Jayne works in an integrative way responding to the specific needs of the individual or team that she is working with. She has specialised in working in areas such as stress management, communication, increasing confidence and self esteem with great success. In addition to her freelance work Jayne was a visiting lecturer for Hull University where she taught Counselling and Coaching to degree level and is currently a guest lecturer at the University of East London and York St John University.


Fran Yoga - Yoga Instructor

Fran has been practising yoga for over ten years. 

A yoga retreat in India in 2013 was a life-changing experience, and she later completed her teacher training in London.  Since moving back to Yorkshire, Fran teaches a wide variety of classes and students with a range of experience.  For Fran, yoga is about listening to your body and working at whatever level is right for you, on any given day.  It's about finding the balance between challenging yourself and being loving towards yourself, and this shows in her teaching.  She teaches both publicly and privately, from one to ones, to larger events.  Fran wants to encourage students to happily inhabit their bodies.



Rachel Smith - Business & Life coach

Rachel Smith is a successful business coach and she is The Bothy’s go to person for helping you to nurture a positive approach and attitude to life.


Rachel understands that life doesn’t always goes to plan. Following many disasters and dramas in her own life and career, Rachel retrained as a life coach and NLP Practitioner and discovered the power of nurturing self love and a positive belief in herself, her dreams and her ability to make them a reality.


She has now worked with hundreds of women helping them to live an extra-ordinary and happy life.



Charlotte Batchelor - Homeopath

Charlotte offers a combination of Homeopathy, nutritional and energetic support for physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. 

The basis of her work is the use of homeopathic remedies with nutritional supplementation, detoxification, allergy advice and elimination diets. She uses kinesiology as a tool to identify each client’s individual needs and create a specific homeopathic and nutritional programme. 

Charlotte herself developed chronic fatigue as a teenager. She has explored many different fields of medicine, health and healing to offer a unique, gentle, supportive, integrative approach to wellness.



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