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Find your facial Deciding which facial to have can be a minefield; there are so many choices, when in reality you’re often unsure of the difference. We want to break down the different types of facials for you, explain what makes them different and help you to understand why you should have one, making the decision as relaxing as one of our lovely facials. We believe that as professional skin therapists, the easy part is assessing your skin type through an in-depth consultation and deciding what products to use to take care of it. Our facials are not categorised by skin type as this should be for our facialist to advise on. We instead offer different strengths of facials; from resurfacing pe


“Maskne” /noun/ An area of redness and breakouts caused by wearing a face covering. While in lockdown we all took advantage of looking after our skin and wearing no make up but as the government has increased requirements to wear a face covering more recently, your skin might not be feeling quite as good as it did and you might be noticing redness and breakouts, especially in the area where your face covering sits. This has been as dubbed as having ‘Maskne’. Why does this happen? ‘Maskne’ is a mild acne due to friction, pressure and touch of a specific area. While wearing your face covering, especially for long periods of time, it creates a humid environment which is a breeding ground for ac

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