GUEST BLOG: Party Makeup 'how to guide'!

We're feeling very lucky to have AMY GEORGE MAKE UP writing our guest blog this week... All about how to pimp up your makeup, so that you're Christmas party ready! Thanks Amy, we love your work and we're so very happy to feature you on The Bothy blog. You can contact Amy on for more information, or to book your very own make up master class or makeover. We also adore Amy's 'dreamy' Instagram & Facebooks feeds, follow for more inspiration... Christmas is fast approaching and one thing is for sure - the party season has definitely arrived. It's such a fun time of the year when we all want to look an

Looking after your nails!

This week we've been thinking about how we can get our 'NAILS' party ready. As part of the party Season, the one thing all our clients love to have is sparkly beautiful nails! We've been chatting with Amelia about how you can keep your nails in optimum health. Ensuring they're looking their best (without any lasting damage) over the Christmas period. What do you think it's important to focus on, when it comes to nail health? I think the key to great nails is the right level of hydration, not too much or too little! That might mean using Solar Oil (available to purchase £8) twice a day, or adding more oil & 'good fats' into your diet. I also supplement my diet with additional Biotin (or B7)

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