How to make the most of your facial

Thank you for coming to The Bothy for your facial, we hope you enjoyed your treatment! Here’s some of our thoughts and tips to help you achieve your best skin possible.



  • Drink water to rehydrate your skin and to flush out toxins that have been moved around by your therapists’ touch.

  • Try and rest after your treatment and have an early night. This will deepen the positive benefits of the massage and help your skin to begin regenerating (a process that happens mostly at night).

  • Try not to wear make-up for 24hrs, to give your new skin cells chance to breathe. 

  • Wear a high SPF, ideally factor 50, during the day. We’ll have removed old skin cells, leaving you with fresh and new skin. But this means it will be more sensitive to pollutants and UVA / UVB light.

  • Don’t exfoliate your skin for 48hrs and only use gentle exfoliants for the first week after a facial.

  • Try not to consume too much sugar, especially within 48hrs of a facial. Sugar causes an insulin spike, which in turn can cause inflammation of the skin and lead to skin conditions such as acne, redness, dermatitis.



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If you want to move to a deeper level of skin care, we’d recommend talking to your therapist about adding the LED therapy onto your facials, or exploring Skin Peels. We can also talk to you about some of the products you can use at home, such as Retinol at night (the only proven 'wrinkle reduction' cream) and also different types and levels of exfoliation which can work to regenerate your skin in-between facials.

Skin tips for SPRING / SUMMER

  • Wear Factor 50 SPF, with high UVA and UVB ratings

  • Be aware of pollution levels in your area and wear products to protect against pollution, especially if you live in a built-up area

  • In extreme heat use a hydrating moisturiser, ideally without too much oil

  • Look out for Hyaluronic acid as part of the ingredients in your skin products. It works as a magnet for moisture, helping your skin cells retain as much moisture as possible and is great for both oily and drier skin type.


Skin tips for AUTUMN / WINTER

  • Wear SPF even on cloudy days!

  • Use Retinol creams at night, these are great at providing deeper exfoliation at nights when your skin cells are at their most active

  • Try sleeping in face masks, perhaps alternating it with Retinol creams to keep moisture levels high in dry weather

  • Rehydrate often and supplement your diet with Omega 3 oil to prevent dryness


Power firm facial // (45mins £48)

Bespoke facial // (30mins £38 or 60mins £58)

LED light therapy // (£35 or £15 if included with another facial)

Express peel // (30mins £41)

Expert Active // (60mins £69)

Clear start teen facial // (30mins £38)

Do you know you can add-on a massage as part of your facial treatment? Or perhaps try a 15min scalp, head and neck massage for £16, with your facial.

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  • Massage your face with oil weekly. A tense face can lead to deeper wrinkles and by massaging, you relive the tension, but also increase blood flow and oxygen to help the skin feel plump and firmer.

  • Wear a high Sun Protection Factor every day – even in Winter. The suns UVA and UVB rays will cause your skin to age more than anything else, it really is an investment in your skin.

  • Eat foods to nourish your skin and try to avoid the ones that don’t! Foods that contain Omega 3 oils, Vitamin A, C and E will have such a positive benefit for your skin. And likewise refined sugar, trans fats and alcohol, may have a negative effect.

  • Regular facials are an investment in your skin which will be felt for years to come! We would recommend having facials every 4-8 weeks to get the most benefits.

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