Creating new habits at Podfit in York!

Want to try Podfit? Quote BOTHYFIT and you'll receive 10% off any sessions you book for February. To kick start our 'Get Fit in Feb' month, Amelia and I have been lucky enough to spend some time with Neil & Ryan at Podfit in York, getting to know what they're all about. Read on to find out whether Podfit would be the kind of place that could kickstart your fitness. Neil founded Podfit in 2014, after spotting a gap in the market for a gym that was focussed on the client, but was also like a private club and removed all those issues you might have about exercising in front of others or feeling intimidated by the other body shapes (which I certainly hate about gyms!). Podfit is in the centre of

Anti-Ageing Injectables (Botox) at The Bothy

We are all about looking as 'naturally lovely' as possible. We also believe that you are beautiful as you are! However, some of our clients want to remove some of the deeper lines caused by ageing and 'air brush' over some of the fine lines that facials alone can't shift. The best way to look after your skin is sunscreen (including high UVA levels) & regular facials to regenerate the cells. But if you have some deeper lines that need shifting or filling, then Botox may be for you. One of our biggest concerns about providing Botox at The Bothy was the way it was administered. We wanted someone who had experience in aesthetic medicine, but was also trained to the highest level. Seamus Phillips

£16 off the Ion Active Power Facial (with LED) - now £49

For the next 4 weeks we’ve reduced the price of our IonActive Power Facial (until Friday 9th February). We want to share with you the amazing results you can get from our most popular high-strength and targeted facial. Using the highest strength professional products and tried and tested technology’s (including LED light therapy & micro current), you’ll love the results. We've chatted with Lisa Turpin, at The Bothy to find out why she (and her clients) love the IonActive power facial! What is the IonActive power facial and what makes it different to our other facials? It's a high-strength, targeted facial, which is aimed at correcting some of your skin concerns. Such as dryness, fine lines &

New Year, New Habits!

Following the excesses of December, January is the perfect opportunity to reflect and to introduce some new habits. It’s a new year, a 365-page blank book, a fresh start and a chance to tackle some of those habits that weren't helping you to live the way you wanted to. You might be plagued with stressed & tired skin, you may reach for the wrong foods too often, you might not look after yourself enough and so on... Over the course of the month we'll be sharing our tips, tricks and fixes for changing those bad habits! These are the habits that Amelia and I are changing in 2018! We think if we say them 'out loud' - albeit digitally... Then we'll be more likely to change them! So feel free to ch

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