Ramping Up the Fitness with Boot Camp!

When Amelia asked me to attend a boot camp run by her gorgeous friend Katie at Yorkshire Fitness, I was thinking camouflage, cargo nets, military style fitness and NO fun. That couldn't have been further from the truth. I arrived at New Earswick Rugby Club at 7.45am, ready for an 8am start, where the other boot campers were aged between 20 and 55 and all very accommodating to a newbie like me!

We started off with some light warm-ups and I was lulled into a false sense of security. Then after a few sprints to get the body warm (we were outside in the freezing rain!) we began some circuits. It was high intensity training at it's best, with various rounds of exercise. But... If you 're not used to cardio you can take the exercises slower, for example you don't have to jump when you squat, and Mark and Katie (running the session) were super conscious to make sure that everyone was 'just' outside their comfort zone. Pushing us hard, but not so hard it could cause injury. In fact, half way through the session one of the group got cramp in their calf, he was swiftly taken into the rest area and given a quick sports massage and some advices on stretches - total bonus to the session is that Mark is trained in Sports Science and Rehab.

After the cardio circuits we moved inside for some core work and training. I have to admit, whilst I run lots, I never exercise my core (unless you count holding it in!). And I know this is a real weakness so it was great to learn some new exercises I can try at home. Mark and Katie work the group to motivate us and there's lots of banter. I love the fact there's guys there too, so nice to exercise with a diverse and friendly bunch. After the core work we finished with some more high intensity circuits, before finishing with some group games. I have to admit I was completely out of my comfort zone when it comes team sports, it's never been my thing. But the team were great and we all just mucked in together.

Yorkshire Fitness was started in 2016 by Mark & Katie. They're a dynamic duo who believe that everyone has the ability to exercise. Katie says that 'We place a huge emphasis on people being able to go at their own pace & make the sessions what they want - the variety is essential for motivation. We want people to enjoy exercise, to look forward to their sessions & ultimately achieve their personal goals - whether that is getting fit or staying fit.'

They offer both Boot Camps, Personal Training, Nutrition Plans and Sports Massage. I think you'll like them, I certainly do ❤️

Could Yorkshire Fitness be part of your journey?

Bootcamp Sessions: Wednesday 6pm outside Cliffords Tower & Saturday 8am New Earswick Rugby Club

Cost: £5 per session (pay as you go) or £30 for a Personal Training session

Facilities: Toilets not readily available at the Boot Camps, so go before you set off!

Boot camps most suitable for: Clients who want an inexpensive way to keep fit and motivated. A serious workout, with fun thrown in! Great for guys too, so why not take your partner or friend?

More info: Yorkshire Fitness Duo on Instagram / Yorkshire Fitness Duo on Facebook

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