To double cleanse or not to double cleanse?

Over time the fashion for cleansing has changed… We no longer tend to cleanse our face with cream and tissues and it’s a huge big ‘no no’ to be using face wipes (smearing grease and chemicals around the face!).

It’s now thought that the best way to cleanse your face is with a product that can be washed off, taking all the dirt and grime with it. And in recent years we’ve started ‘double cleansing’. This means using an oil based cleanser to take the top layer of dirt, pollution and make-up off, before rinsing your face with water. This will break down the make-up, SPF and sebum on the surface of your skin. Before following with a deeper water based cleanser to remove old skin cells. Again, using a product which can be washed off (ideally with a cloth).

Essentially, the first cleanse will remove the sweat, bacteria, dirt and pollution. Before the second round of cleansing give a much deeper clean, going into the pores to remove impurities. The second cleanse is where we can really clean are skin!

For the first cleanse we should try and wash our faces until there isn’t a single trace of make-up left, this may take more than one cleanse, depending on how much make up you wear. I remember when I lived in London, my face would be covered in black from the tube in the first cleanse!

For the second cleanse we’d recommend spending a little longer massaging the cleanser in to really remove toxins, pollution and build up. It’s advised that you spend 1minute massaging the second round of cleanser in (although we know this isn’t always possible in our busy lives).

Always wash your face with lukewarm water, because if it's too hot you may irritate the skin and cause dryness.

I always recommend using a face cloth (or muslin cloth) and use one side for the first cleanse and another for the second.

Not only will double cleansing brighten any dullness and lift the complexion, but it will mean that the serums, moisturisers and clever night time products you put on your skin will have a better chance of penetrating deeper and more efficiently.

Can you over-cleanse?

Whilst we advocate a double-cleanse at night, you may only need one cleanse on a morning - however simple you want your routine to be (I just rinse my face in the shower). And over-washing can lead to dryness, so we would always recommend a sulphate-free cleanser to avoid stripping the surface of natural oil and don’t scrub your skin too harshly or use hot water.

Amelia and I are slightly different in this respect, Amelia likes to double-cleanse on a morning too. Removing any oils and sweat that have built up over night. But I find this too time consuming on a morning, when I have to get the kids ready, and all of us need to be up and out on a tight schedule! It's always about what's right for you, your skin and your lifestyle.

If you have more mature or dry skin. Double cleansing shouldn't dry your skin further, as long as you use a second cleanser suited to your skin type. For example, a richer cream cleanser will help replenish moisture and hydration levels while gently cleansing. And again, keep the water luke warm - extreme temperatures can be drying too.

Will using an oil based cleanser for my first cleanse not make my oily skin worse?

Oil based cleansers act like a magnet, attracting surface and excess oil (sebum) within the skin, drawing it out along with other impurities. An oil based cleanser is great for preventing blackheads! And a great chance to give your skin a little massage to get the blood circulation going.

Double cleansing my skin has transformed my skin! It means that the monthly spots are less and also, I'm not as affected by using make-up brushes etc. Which can be teeming with bacteria. Give it a go and let us know what you think?

Why not book a facial with us to kick-start your new cleansing routine. A facial will make you feel cleaner than you're ever and will take your skin back to a glowing state with new cells firmly on top! The perfect time to update your daily routine! 😍

Book online or call us on 01904 629121.

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