Microblading Examples

We've been achieving amazing results from Microblading, with our clients. Creating eyebrows that aren't the latest fashion, but designed to suit your face shape. It's the perfect way to boost your arches, thicken up thinning brows and give your face 'a lift' without surgery!

Pigment is inserted into the top layers of skin using a hand tool, in the style of hair strokes. Because it's drawn on with hair strokes it looks so natural. Amelia, our Microblading Specialist, will have a full consultation with you and also draw on your new eyebrows prior to treatment so you can see exactly how they'd look. The results last up to 3 years and most of our clients don't need eyebrow make-up once the brows are fully healed, the effect looks just perfect as it is.

It's costs £275 and you'll have 3 appointments; A consultation, 1st appointment (1.5hrs), 2nd appointment to top up the brows after the first healing cycle (1.5hrs).

Please give us a call on 01904 629121 or email us on revive@thebothywellness.co.uk for more information or to book your consultation.

Please also see our website: https://www.thebothywellness.co.uk/microblading

The Bothy Wellness, Mount Vale Drive (off Tadcaster Road), York YO24 1DN

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