Power Firm Facial

📣 We’re so excited to introduce a new facial to The Bothy 📣

We’ve been researching and testing different products, tools and treatments for the last year. We've also been talking and listening to our clients about what they'd like from a facial too. What kind of results do you expect? What do you not like about a facial? And finally, what are your greatest skin concerns?

We're delighted to now be launching the 'POWER FIRM FACIAL' - A facial that firms, tightens and sculpts the skin. Your face has tens of thousands of small muscle fibres that, over time, become weak and lose their elasticity. As part of this facial, we combat that with an invigorating 'deep tissue' massage and a unique electrical device that leaves skin lifted and radiant.

We've chatted with Amelia Redhead, at The Bothy, to find out why she (and her clients) love the NEW Power Firm Facial!

What is the Power Firm Facial and what makes it different to our other facials?

Designed to help lift, tighten and sculp, this facial uses a unique device which applies mild yet impactful electrical muscle stimulation to tone the face, strengthening the muscles to visibly tone, brighten and lift - giving you fuller, more nourished and radiant skin.

What happens as part of the treatment?

Each treatment begins with a double cleanse to remove debris from the skins surface, we will then exfoliate with customisable exfoliants including multivitamin power exfoliator (Amanda's favourite & professional strength!), before adding Exfoliant Accelerator 35 (a professional strength exfoliant which enables your exfoliator to penetrate deeper into the skin).

Once your skin is fully prepped we then start a unique FIRMING MASSAGE, this is designed to help relieve tension, drain sinuses, seriously stimulate blood flow and collagen, boosting the skins radiance and start the firming process. Your skin will feel awaked and revitalised like you’ve been for a long walk on a cold winter’s day. You'll see immediate results, as your skin will feel plumper, more hydrated and energised.

Then we harness the power of ELECTRICAL MUSCLE STIMULATION. We apply a conductive gel onto your skin so that the current can travel all over your face not just the area where the device is. You’ll instantly feel the firming and lifting power as we glide it across your face, because of the electrical current in the device you can often have a metallic taste in your mouth and it may feel slightly uncomfortable and tingly at first. After 10 minutes of massaging with the device your skin is toned, tightened and lifted.

We then tone, apply a hydrating serum, before finally adding moisturiser with SPF

Whilst the treatment is highly active, clients still find that it relaxes them and leave the treatment room feeling much less tense and energised.

*Red LED can also be added to this treatment which is give added collagen stimulation*

Why do you love treating your clients with the Power Firm Facial?

I love the fact that clients can see instant changes to their skin. I also really enjoy doing the treatment because clients are both relaxed but leave the treatment room feeling like their skin has really worked hard! You facial muscles can often feel achey - like they've had a work out too. All a great sign that the facial is working!

Who would you recommend is most suitable for this treatment?

I love doing this treatment for people who have an event coming up, straight after the treatment the skin looks plumped up and refreshed. It's like beauty sleep in a treatment!

We do use high strength products, so not always suitable for pregnant ladies, or ladies who've had a chemical peel or sun burn. And finally, it's great for people who are conscious of fine lines or people who feel like their skin needs a lift (especially in the jowls, crows feet or forehead area).

Is there any after care, post treatment?

We recommend our clients don't exfoliate for 48hrs post treatment, they've already enjoyed such a deep exfoliation throughout the treatment and it's important to leave the skin to heal through cell renewal.

Your skin will be more susceptible to sunlight, so wear SPF for the next two weeks (although we would recommend you wear SPF daily, even in Winter).

And finally, to continue to firmly massage the skin at home when applying your facial oils/serums, use massage techniques similar to the ones you experienced in the facial to keep your skin radiant.

How long does the treatment last and what does it cost?

The treatment lasts 45 minutes & costs £45.


We can't wait for you to try our new treatment!

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