Winter Holiday Skincare

I've recently been lucky enough to go to super warm and lovely Thailand... It was blissful and a perfect antidote to the everyday stresses of life - and of course, the grey sky's in the UK!!!

One of my favourite things about going away is that I have more time to look after my skin. I love that the bathroom is clear of clutter and a there’s lots of space to lay out my products. Compared to home where it’s in a cupboard and I use what falls out first! I received a beauty advent calendar, so I was really excited to try some new products - however I did take my firm favourites.

After a long flight and going from the cold British winter, to the sunshine, my skin definitely felt dehydrated! I even tried to combat this by putting a sheet mask on during the flight, but to no avail.

Products we'd recommend trying

The products I chose to take are all rich and nourishing, to feed my skin. I love using an oil-based cleanser however they don’t travel very well so I took the Eve Lom Hot Cloth Cleanser which is a set oil, rather than a runny one. An oil-based cleanser is great at getting off excess sun cream built up during the day, it’s really gentle, which is exactly what my skin needed after seeing the sun. I loved the thick rich texture of this product - however I wasn’t keen on the smell.

Break outs

I quite often suffer with break outs on holiday; the change in sleep, rich diet and added sugary cocktails don’t help! I opted for a chemical exfoliator which I applied on an evening under my moisturiser. This really works well for my skin, as I find physical exfoliators too harsh. Chemical exfoliators contain AHA and fruit enzymes which digest all your dead skin, it sounds gross, but they really work. You get an ‘all-over’ smooth glow, compared to blotchy redness from a physical exfoliator. I then apply my ‘Spot Fader’ to and break outs - I don’t go anywhere without this! It’s great when you first feel a breakout coming, it clears it quickly and helps fade the pigmentation left behind afterward.

My skin definitely came home better than when I left, and my new year’s intention is to give it this much love at home, not just on holiday…

Even if you're not going on holiday, it's really worth focussing on your skin in Winter and cold weather. Here's our top tips for cold weather (and too much central heating!)

  • Wear SPF even on cloudy days!

  • Use Retinol creams at night, these are great at providing deeper exfoliation at nights when your skin cells are at their most active

  • Try sleeping in face masks, perhaps alternating it with Retinol creams to keep moisture levels high in dry weather

  • Rehydrate often and supplement your diet with Omega 3 oil to prevent dryness

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