Spinning and sweating with Dee!

If you've not tried Spinning, I urge you to have a go! You'll burn calories, de-stress, build cardio endurance and tone up. AND it's a low-impact exercise so you're less like to harm those joints or cause an injury. I've always been a fan of spinning, it's one of those classes where you can switch off, listen to the music and just get lost in your thoughts. You don't have to remember a new routine, you don't have to worry about looking silly when you turn the wrong way and it's dark in the studio, so you don't have to worry at all what you look like or how much you're sweating!

I was intrigued when I heard about Dee and her intimate spin studio/gym. It was a dark cold murky night when I ventured down to Shipton Road and after getting a little lost (not unusual for me!) I parked up and met with Dee and the other 'Spinners'. Dee has 4 bikes which she blocks out for her ladies in 4 weekly sessions, meaning you'll get to know the other spinners & more than likely come to form a common bond over bikes. Spinning is essentially cycling on bikes to music, whilst the lights are low (Dee's studio is complete with disco lights!) and the PT is giving you instructions. So you might spend one track climbing, with the pedals hard to push & the next track you might be sprinting and pushing yourself as hard as you can go. The music was great with Dee, she played some 90's R&B, some 80's and of course some dance tracks to get the blood pumping and heart working hard.

I really like Dee, she's not your 'A typical' personal trainer, she was approachable, warm, fun and had a great energy about her. I really can see how ladies warm to her and would want to be a regular in her presence.

She set-up on her own as a PT in 2008, specialising in training women. She currently teaches Indoor Circuits and Outdoor Bootcamps, Spinning Classes in her studio and Boxing and Kickboxing as a small group PT (2-3 ladies). Her clients range from 16 to 85 years of age with varying reasons for joining. Anything from triathlon training, through the remedial work with clients who've had recent operations such as knee replacements.

She's passionate about classes and scheduled sessions saying 'Gyms are now open 24hrs a day and that often becomes off-putting because you can always leave it another day!' whereas a class means you're scheduled to make that appointment and don't want to let the other people down.'

Would you like to join Dee and have fun whilst you work out?

Bootcamp Sessions: Mon & Wed 6.15pm to 7.15pm (8 sessions £48) Spinning Sessions: Mon, Wed & Thu, various times (£25 for 4 over the month)

Kickboxing: £40 for 4 sessions

Personal Training: From £35 per hour

Facilities: Toilets & sessions indoor and out. No changing facilities.

Most suitable for: Clients who are new to fitness and nervous about working out with too many people. Also, for ladies who prefer women only sessions! I'd also say any level of fitness can attend classes with Dee and work at their own pace.

More info on Facebook: DeenaJoycePT

Website: www.djpt.co.uk/personal-training

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