Looking after your nails!

This week we've been thinking about how we can get our 'NAILS' party ready. As part of the party Season, the one thing all our clients love to have is sparkly beautiful nails! We've been chatting with Amelia about how you can keep your nails in optimum health. Ensuring they're looking their best (without any lasting damage) over the Christmas period.

What do you think it's important to focus on, when it comes to nail health?

Nail health products

I think the key to great nails is the right level of hydration, not too much or too little! That might mean using Solar Oil (available to purchase £8) twice a day, or adding more oil & 'good fats' into your diet. I also supplement my diet with additional Biotin (or B7) to keep my nails and hair growing healthy and strong.

Also, we never buff on top of your nails, because you're instantly weakening the natural thickness of the nail plate. And that's why we love CND Shellac because it doesn't involve buffing the nail in preparation for the Shellac product.

Does having Shellac on your nails damage them over time?

We get asked this question all the time! However, because we don't buff your nail in preparation for the product, we're not damaging your nail plate. And the Shellac can protect your nails from external damage and breakage, so can really help your nails to thrive. We do recommend you use Solar Oil daily because it can penetrate Shellac and help to keep the nail hydrated under the product, really nourishing the nail.

My nails are in terrible condition, what can I do to help them recover?

IBX nail treatment

We can offer our popular IBX treatment, which is clear in appearance and builds layers within the nail. It's placed on the nail and then absorbed under light and heat. Once dry the treatment fuses the layers of the nail plate, strengthening and protecting the nail. It's most effective if people have peeling or weak nails. It can also be applied under Shellac or Weekly Vinylux. We'd recommend having this treatment every 6-8 weeks to keep your nails in optimum health. (£15 per treatment, or £5 with Shellac).

Why do you use CND Shellac and not any of the other brands?

CND nail colours

I've used Shellac for over 10 years and just love their products, ethos and colours! I'm also an Educator for the company, which means I train new nail technicians on the best techniques. CND Shellac was the first company to provide gel nail polish, which lasts up to 2 weeks and because they spent so long developing the products they really have thought of all the positives and pitfalls. Shellac revolutionised the nail industry, creating a polish that lasts over 14 days and dry's instantly! However, CND and The Bothy also offer a Weekly Vinylux polish which lasts for a week, chip free and glossy throughout. The final reason we love CND is the extensive choice of colours! You'll never get bored and we love how new colours are released each Season to match the fashions of the time... Because it's the Christmas party season, why not try one of our sparkly colours! And feel free to bring in dresses and shoes, we love to match outfits too.

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Book your Shellac Mani (£25) on: 01904 702100 // revive@thebothywellness.co.uk

Let your light shine! #enhanceme #partyready #nailgoals

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