Meet Kelly! One of the BOTHY team ❤️

We thought you'd like to know a little bit more about Kelly, one of Team Bothy - and an important part too. We've asked her a few questions, so you can see what she specialises in and loves to do. But why not book an appointment with Kelly and meet her for yourself 🥰

What was it that attracted you to the beauty industry?

I've been working in salons for the past 15 years and the beauty industry has been such an important part of my life! I was a single Mum to Jake, when I was 18 and work has always given me a brilliant focus and chance to look after my little boy (who's not so little anymore - he's 23!). I've always loved playing with different looks too - so the beauty industry gave me a creative outlet.

What would you say your beauty specialities are?

I taught SHELLAC gel nails and waxing for 11 years, so would definitely say that they are my areas of expertise. I do really love doing nails, including nail art. I just think that having your nails painted is the easiest way to put a spring in your step and make you feel a little more polished. Love the fact it makes an instant change to how you feel too!

I also get such satisfaction from doing INTIMATE WAXING, especially with clients who've had a bad experience before and I can help to put them completely at ease. Having taught 'hot wax' I also understand how using the correct wax in the correct way can really change the client experience.

Which treatment do you love doing the most? And which do you love having done?

I really love doing our LUXE PEDICURES. I love giving the massage with exfoliant and oils, making it such a relaxing treatment whilst also removing dead skin and then finishing with pretty polish. I end up feeling really relaxed too! And I have to say, a good Pedicure with skin removal & massage is my favourite treatment to receive too.

What do you think you do most of at The Bothy?

Apart from INTIMATE WAXING and NAILS, I've got a name for doing great BROW SHAPES! Brows are so important to your face, we don't realise how much they can alter the face shape until we get the best shape possible. I work hard on the detail of the brow and recommend a light tint on the brow to give them prominence whilst keeping them natural.

After teaching nails for so long, what do you think set Bothy apart from other salons?

Apart from the fact we practise great hygiene and use the best tools - we use products which mean that we don't have to buff and damage the nail. We also use products that can be removed easily so that we're not using too much acetone and harsh chemicals... If you're having your nails done every two weeks then these things are really important.

What do you love about The Bothy?

I love being part of the team! I drive from Pudsey, but it's honestly worth it to work in a salon where I feel so comfortable. The clients are all lovely and the team are too. The team are different to other salons I've worked in - everyones very chilled out, kind and supportive. I especially love it when we're busy and all of us are chatting together with clients, it's like a social club where everyone feels very welcome. I can't wait for Christmas and the buzz I imagine the place will have!

Why not book online with Kelly: BOOK ONLINE

We can't wait to see you soon!

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