5 Reasons To Have A Hollywood Wax!

As seasoned Hollywood & Brazilian wax fans, we wanted to give you our reasons for having the treatment… Break down some of the myths about intimate waxing!

  1. There’s less chance of in-grown hairs (rather than shaving) and you only have to have it every 4-6 weeks. Shaving can be such a pain to do regularly and because you’re damaging the skin each time you shave, there’s more chance of in-grown hairs.

  2. It’s better for your skin health. When the hair is removed through waxing, it is removed all the way to the root. That type of exfoliation and dead skin cell removal will make your skin very smooth and soft too.

  3. After a Hollywood or a Brazillian you feel so much cleaner & neater. It’s much easier at the time of the month and also if you’re a regular gym bunny, less hair means less sweat!

  4. You feel more glamorous! Lots of our ladies have it done because they say it helps them feel more attractive.

  5. Over time there’s less hair growth. The hair follicle is pulled by the root, so over time (barring hormonal and other unforeseen variables) it is discouraged from re-growing, and the hair can become softer and less dense.

What does it involve?

A Hollywood is the removal of all hair, whereas with a Brazillian we leave a strip of hair (to your preference). We take hair away from the outside of your labia and the inside, as well as the bottom area. It's a 30minute treatment, costing £28 for a Brazilian & £33 for a Hollywood. You really can just lie back and relax and we promise it's not painful!

Is there an after care routine?

We use 'hot wax' which is much kinder to your skin and really does reduce any chance of reddening post treatment. Our therapists all have intense intimate waxing training and will explain the procedure up-front, talking you through every step along the way.

You may end up with some irritation or redness as the skin can be distressed after the first couple of waxing treatments, but we offer after care advice and products that help soothe the skin. You may also experience some itching as the hair breaks through, but effective aftercare will alleviate any discomfort.

How painful is it?

Pain thresholds are different for each person but our therapists are trained in techniques that offer minimum discomfort when performing intimate waxing treatments. If you are new to waxing there may be an element of shock, but it gets easier with every treatment as the hair thins. After all, many women keep coming back.

How long does your hair need to be, to be waxed?

The hair needs to be approx. (5-10mm or about a grain of rice!) to be waxed and for your first few sessions the longer the hair, the easier the wax.

Please call 01904 629121 or email revive@thebothywellness.co.uk to book your appointment with our trained Intimate Wax Specialists! Or book online at The Bothy

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