Dr Vali's Easy Guide to Flawless Skin

Amelia and I are always researching the latest skincare recommendations and understanding the latest thoughts from dermatologists across the world. Recently Dr Shawana Vali has been in the limelight, she’s a dermatologist to the richest in the country and she’s been revealing her recommendations for great skin. Whilst I don’t normally ‘buy into’ the celebrity look, I like Dr Vali because she’s about enhancing natural beauty and doesn’t believe in overuse of fillers and botox. She essentially doesn’t want to change the face, just enhance what you have.

Her clinic is invitation only and offers treatments such as; LED Light Therapy, Vitamin Injections, Oxygen Chamber (to reduce inflammation), Anti-Ageing Injectables such as BOTOX, Facials and more.

I’m by no means endorsing her thoughts, but here is Dr Vali’s ‘Easy Guide to Flawless Skin’.

  • If people suffer with acne and they can’t afford to come and see me, I suggest they just wash their face with water and stop using any products on it for six weeks, and see how your sebum production reduces and your skin improves within that time.

  • Don’t bother with over-the-counter skincare. It tends not to work because it doesn’t penetrate deep enough to create cellular change. Buy salon or professional products to ensure they’re as ‘Active' as possible.

  • Don’t use a heavy moisturiser. During the day, use a hyaluronic acid serum. On top of this, wear an SPF product with a primer.

  • At night, use a vitamin A cream (or retinol) to regenerate the skin.

  • To make your hair feel thicker, wash it with Johnson’s baby shampoo, and only twice a week.

  • Meanwhile, don’t use hair conditioner. If you are putting heavy conditioners on your hair you are telling your follicles to be lazy and stop producing natural oils. So to thicken your hair, start using Johnson’s twice a week and stop conditioner. Let your hair produce the oils that self-regulate the growth cycle.

  • Being stressed really does accelerate ageing throughout the body. Do what you can to reduce this.

  • Make sure you get enough sleep.

  • Take B-vitamins for your skin and your hair (or Biotin).

  • Take super-strength fish oil supplements — we are all short of omega-3 oils.

If you'd like to talk to Amelia about your skin, please call 01904 702100 to book an a skin consultation.

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