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Find your facial

Deciding which facial to have can be a minefield; there are so many choices, when in reality you’re often unsure of the difference.

We want to break down the different types of facials for you, explain what makes them different and help you to understand why you should have one, making the decision as relaxing as one of our lovely facials.

We believe that as professional skin therapists, the easy part is assessing your skin type through an in-depth consultation and deciding what products to use to take care of it. Our facials are not categorised by skin type as this should be for our facialist to advise on.

We instead offer different strengths of facials; from resurfacing peels to bring you a radiant glow, to lifting facials which give you a workout for the skin. This is great as a course or before a special event to lift and boost your skin’s appearance.

If you’ve never had a facial before I always advise to start with a BESPOKE FACIAL (30 or 60 minutes). This facial is great introduction, your facialist can really get a good feel for your skin, how reactive it is, your needs and requirements and long-term skin goals. From here we can recommend which facials we’d then recommend or stay with the Bespoke Facial. After this facial your skin will feel like it’s been on a 2-week retreat, rejuvenated and relaxed due to the length of time we spend on massage during this facial. I would call it our most relaxing facial. However, we still use professional strength exfoliation to make sure your skin is left feeling great too.

The next step up is an EXPRESS PEEL (30mins) and EXPERT ACTIVE (60 mins). Both of these facials include a peel. We have 3 different solutions to choose from depending on your skin needs. Anti-pigmentation, anti-aging and clearing. If you have more than one skin concern these solutions can be layered and left on longer for more intense results. The more treatments you have the more your skin can tolerate the solution, which intensifies results. Because of this, these facials work best as a course to deliver long term results for skin with more concerns and can be used as a boost throughout the year.

The EXPERT ACTIVE then includes a massage, hydrating mask and LED Light Therapy to help skin heeling and boost results. This facial can have a mild warming sensation while the peel takes place, however it is never uncomfortable. Your skin will not ‘peel’ off, you will leave with a beautiful glow and super smooth skin.

To combat gravity we have the POWER FIRM FACIAL. Designed to help lift, tighten and sculpt, this facial uses a unique device which applies mild yet impactful electrical muscle stimulation to tone the face, strengthening the muscles to visibly tone, brighten and lift - giving you fuller, more nourished and radiant skin.

As part of this facial we have also developed a FIRMING MASSAGE. This is designed to help relieve tension, drain sinuses and seriously stimulate blood flow and collagen, boosting the skins radiance and start the firming process. Your skin will feel awakened and revitalised like you’ve been for a long walk on a cold winter’s day. You'll see immediate results, as your skin will feel plumper, more hydrated and energised.

Then we harness the power of the ELECTRICAL MUSCLE STIMULATION. We apply a conductive gel onto your skin so that the current can travel all over your face, not just the area where the device is. You’ll instantly feel the firming and lifting power as we glide it across your face. Because of the electrical current in the device you can often have a metallic taste in your mouth and it may feel slightly uncomfortable and tingly at first but after 10 minutes of massaging with the device your skin is toned, tightened and lifted.

BOOST your facials with LED LIGHT THERAPY, the LED encourages cell renewal and collagen synthesis and has quite a remarkable effect on the skin, including regulating sebum for clients with adult acne. While boosting collagen and elastin to help tone and firm the texture of your skin.

Still unsure on which facial you’d like? Why not book a FREE skin consultation.

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