'Sleep Retreat' full body, hot oil massage

We've been learning so much about the benefits of sleep recently, but its not always as easy as it looks! We've lost count of the times that we've heard our clients say that they know they need more sleep - but have no idea how to get it!

I personally have always had a little struggle with sleep, I fall to sleep no problem and then seem to either wake at 2am for a while, or just wake up super early. And we all know how hard it is to get through a day when you've had little to no sleep. But the thing about sleep is that you have to prepare for it all day! We're told that everything we do during the day could affect our sleep. Whether we're drinking too much caffeine... Having stressful conversations with colleagues or friends... Having too much or too little eat... Staring at our phones too much... Worrying about things that have or might happen. There is just no wonder we can't sleep.

Massage 1

We've designed a treatment that gives you 1hr 15mins of blissful deep relaxation to allow your brain to switch off and your body recover. It'll lull you into mindfulness and help you to drift into a deeper state.

The treatment begins with a hand and foot cleanse, inhalations of bespoke oils designed to initiate relaxation, pressure point and décolletage massage.

Massage 2

We then start moving around the body, including arms, legs and stomach. Beginning to work on each area with a body brush, in stroking motions. Followed by a relaxing massage, with firm circular stroking motions across the entire body. It's particularly important to include a stomach massage, this aids digestion and the brain and gut are so interlinked. Often this is our clients favourite part of the massage.

The treatments end with a back, neck, shoulder and scalp massage to release any tension that is still lingering.

Hot oil massage

We use a bespoke oil, designed by Tom's Garden. Which is warmed up before being placed on your body. The heat from the oil instantly reacts with your skin causing a wave of relaxation.

The bed is heated with a warming blanket and you'll be cocooned in darkness with an eye mask, whilst we play a playlist designed for sleep. The intention is not to put you to sleep, but to ensure you go into a deeper state of relaxation and your mind is allowed to wander - or go blank.

After the treatment you're welcome to spend some time with us, relaxing in our lounge area, with a cup of Pukka tea. Our clients have said that they feel like they've had a weekend away, or that they've felt their mind go blank for the first time in years.

We look forward to sharing our new treatment with you

We're currently offering the treatment for £52 (normally £68) until the end of March.

It lasts 1hr 15mins (our longest massage treatment).


Or call 01904 629121 / email revive@thebothywellness.co.uk

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