£16 off the Ion Active Power Facial (with LED) - now £49

For the next 4 weeks we’ve reduced the price of our IonActive Power Facial (until Friday 9th February). We want to share with you the amazing results you can get from our most popular high-strength and targeted facial.

Using the highest strength professional products and tried and tested technology’s (including LED light therapy & micro current), you’ll love the results.

We've chatted with Lisa Turpin, at The Bothy to find out why she (and her clients) love the IonActive power facial!

What is the IonActive power facial and what makes it different to our other facials?

It's a high-strength, targeted facial, which is aimed at correcting some of your skin concerns. Such as dryness, fine lines & adult acne. Using powerful products which are then combined with the latest technology (including LED light therapy & micro current) for advanced results.

People often ask me why it's called IonActive, it's because it use's the science of Ionisation to drive active ingredients into the skin where they can work harder for you.

What happens as part of the treatment?

Each treatment begins with a double cleanse to remove debris from the skins surface, we will then exfoliate with customisable exfoliants including multivitamin power exfoliator (Amanda's favourite & professional strength!), adding Exfoliant Accelerator 35 (a professional strength exfoliant which enables your exfoliator to penetrate deeper into the skin).

Once your skin is fully prepped for treatment we would apply one of the four different Ionactives, such as Retinol 1% IonActive or Hyaluronic Acid IonActive, chosen based on your skin type and desired result. Once placed on your skin, we use micro current technology for increased penetration through the skins layers.

We then apply a 'gelloid' - either EndoThermal (cooling and great for adult acne) or ExoThermal (warming and great to boost dull skin) and once placed on the skin the masque releases warmth sealing in the benefits of the IonActives and enhancing the penetration of the IonActive ingredients.

Once the gelloid is on your skin, you'll receive further facial massage, using just the fingertips to ensure we don't remove the product! Once the massage is complete we use our LED light therapy to further enhance the results. The LED encourages cell renewal and collagen synthesis and has quite a remarkable effect on the skin, including regulating sebum for clients with adult acne. Once completed your skin will be lightly cleansed before adding moisturiser (with SPF).

Whilst the treatment is highly active and uses lots of products, my clients still find that it relaxes them and leave the treatment room feeling much less tense and energised.

Why do you love doing IonActive power facials with your clients?

I love the fact that clients can see instant changes to their skin and over time (especially with a course of 6 treatments) the results become even deeper. I also really enjoy doing the treatment because clients are both relaxed, but leave the treatment room feeling like their skin has really worked hard!

Who would you recommend is most suitable for this treatment?

I love doing this treatment for people who have an event coming up, straight after the treatment the skin looks plumped up and refreshed. It's like beauty sleep in a treatment!

We do use high strength products, so not always suitable for pregnant ladies, or ladies who've had a chemical peel or sun burn. And finally, it's great for people who are conscious of fine lines or people with adult acne.

Is there any after care, post treatment?

We recommend our clients don't exfoliate for 48hrs post treatment, they've already enjoyed such deep exfoliation throughout the treatment and it's important to leave the skin to heal through cell renewal.

Your skin will be more susceptible to sunlight, so wear SPF for the next two weeks (although we would recommend you wear SPF daily, even in Winter). Some of our clients say that their skin tingles a little throughout the evening post treatment, but this is just the active ingredients in the products we've used. And finally, you may experience some flakiness but this is just the dead skin cells being replaced and it completely natural.

How long does the treatment last and what does it cost?

The treatment lasts 1hr & costs £65 or £320 for a course of 6. (Currently on offer for £49 for your first treatment, until Friday 9th February).

We'd love to talk to you about your skin concerns and also to help you age as naturally and beautifully as possible! Give us a call to book your IonActive power facial, with micro current and LED light therapy. 01904 629121 / revive@thebothywellness.co.uk.

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