How to get a flawless faux tan 🧡

With current travel restrictions in place, it’s unclear when any of us are going to get to soak in the sun, however that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a fabulous summer glow!

At The Bothy spray tans are becoming seemingly more popular and here’s why:

• We use “Moroccan Tan” an Australian brand, which comes in 3 different shades perfect to suit all skin tones.

• It’s enriched with argan oil, aloe vera and vitamin E making it super hydrating and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.

• Added moisturisers prevent ‘crocodile’ effect skin on drier areas.

• 2 hour wash off time means no more brown sheets!

• Derma-lock technology means that even if you get caught in the rain your tan will still be flawless.

• Moroccan Tan is cruelty- free, Vegan, not tested on animals, organic and ethically sourced.

We wanted to share with you some top tips before coming for a Spray tan but also great to follow at home when you’re self-tanning.

• Exfoliate and moisturise regularly the week leading up to your appointment, tan will last longer on smooth hydrated skin.

• Before your appointment we recommend showering and removing all lotions, deodorant, make up and perfume, arrive to your appointment with clean dry skin.

• Wear loose dark baggy clothing so you can get dressed easily.

• Leave any jewellery at home, this will stop it marking your tan and creating any lines.

Here’s the answers to some of your questions asked on our Instagram stories.

Can you get a very light natural glow to even skin tone? Thinking pre wedding!?

Definitely, most of our brides opt for the lightest shade, giving them a subtle glow. If you’re a bride I would recommend trying a spray tan prior, I suggest trying the medium shade then you know if you can go lighter or darker. The optimum time to get a spray tan is 2 days prior. This gives it time to adapt to your skin and won’t wear off on your dress.

How do you maintain your face after?

Because we give our faces more care and attention, using stronger exfoliation than our body, the face can fade quicker. After 4/5 days I start to use TAN-LUXE hydrating booster on an evening to keep my face glowing.

Does it last longer than at home self-tan products?

Moroccan tan tends to last 10-14days wearing off evenly and naturally. I find it lasts longer than at home tan because of the moisturising ingredients it contains, paired with good skin preparation and moisturising regularly afterwards.


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