Bothy Bootcamp – Week 4 MOISTURISING

Moisturising can make or break your skin. The number of different moisturisers on offer is unbelievable, all having different names (often in French) and a subheading makes you unsure whether you should apply it to your face or marinate a chicken with it. We’re going to break down the moisturising barriers and help you find the best one for your skin!

Moisturiser is the last product that goes onto my skin. I always apply a spritz of toner first (this step is important, don’t miss it!) because applying your moisturiser to a freshly spritzed face can help it penetrate deeper and you will use less! Make sure you apply the moisturiser while your skin is still damp. The amount of moisturiser you’ll need depends on the product you’re using. It will usually state on the packaging how much to use however I aim for a baked bean sized dollop. Don’t forget to moisturise your neck too!

In our recent Instagram poll over half of the voters said they use a separate day and night cream, which I’m a huge advocate of. Your skin works differently during different times of the day; on a night-time your natural sacrarium rhyme effects how your skin absorbs products. Try performing your night-time skin routine earlier in the evening rather than later, I aim to start around 7pm which is a perfect excuse to get out of washing the after-dinner pots! By doing this your skin will absorb the ingredients much more efficiently getting the most out of the products. My favourite night-time product is RETINOL. This super ingredient, not only moisturises but exfoliates too, resurfacing and anti-aging your skin. Read more about retinol in our blog post here.

On a morning I use an SPF moisturiser. Even on a cold, cloudy winters day the sun is still present and can cause damage to your skin, so it’s imperative you wear SPF daily. My favourite is Heliocare Fluid cream, its non-sticky and hydrating, not like your traditional chalky creams you think of when you hear it contains SPF.

Moisturisers come with so many added ingredients in them, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C being two of the most popular, but the percentage of the ‘active’ ingredients in a moisturiser compared to a serum is low. I think it’s best to get an ‘active’ serum which you apply first then add your chosen moisturiser on top.

Watch the final Bothy Bootcamp TONIGHT at 7pm on Instagram and Facebook for more top moisturising tips and get £5 OFF my favourite SPF in SHOP BOTHY.

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