SPF in make-up? Is it enough?

(Picture from our recent holiday near Lake Annecy, in the French Alps)

I really hope I'm not boring, but I do talk a lot about SPF and how protecting ourselves from the sun is the one thing we can do to protect and future-proof our skin. I recently came back from a family holiday in the French Alps and whilst doing my holiday make-up shopping, was surprised to see just how many make-up brands are including SPF in their products. I assumed this was a good thing, but only if it gives you the protection it says it does! Once home I did some research, my findings are below! ☀️

As the industry grows and clients are more aware of the harmful effects of the sun & it's rays (even in Winter, on a cloudy day). Beauty brands are adding SPF to their products (including foundations & powders), to make them more appealing and lure us into the belief that we're protecting ourselves from the harmful rays of the sun. But is it enough?

After a little research, it's clear that you certainly don't get the level of protection a traditional and SPF offers. Infact, it's believed that you need SEVEN times the amount of normal foundation & FOURTEEN times the amount of powder to get the sun protection factor shown on the label.

Whilst it's certainly not a bad thing that cosmetic companies have included SPF in “anti-ageing” or “UV protective” formulas, the reality is most aren’t formulated with enough sunscreen properties to provide adequate coverage. According to The Skin Cancer Foundation, that level of coverage only comes from a base layer of SPF 30+ sunscreen first.

So my advice, is feel free to buy make-up products with SPF in, but always have a base layer of a 'specific' SPF moisturiser. We love (and stock) Heliocare & Dermalogica. Both brands are combined moisturisers & SPF protection for everyday wear.

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