The best skin health routine, by skincare Guru Dr Lancer

Skin health is a widely researched and discussed topic, so we’ve been reviewing the latest research and thought pieces from the experts to see what they think.

Today we’re looking into Dr Harold Lancer, a famous Hollywood Dermatologist. Probably most famous for looking after the skin of the stars, including Victoria Beckham and the Kardashian clan.

Just to confirm that these aren’t our thoughts, they’re thoughts based on excerpts from the book ‘Younger, The Breakthrough Anti-Ageing Method for Radiant Skin’ by Harold Lancer, MD. We don’t agree with all his thoughts, but it’s interesting to take our favourite parts and adapt our own skincare routines.

Dr Lancer believes that all skin issues are based on inflammation; including acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, lines, dry patches and wrinkles. Inflammation is the body’s self-protective response, triggered by the immune system to destroy harmful ‘invaders’.

However, controlled and induced inflammation can be harnessed to help repair the skin. Using controlled stimulation you are providing the environment for your skin to rejuvenate itself.

Dr Lancer also believes that a lot of beauty products and treatments focus on the ‘Dermis’ (the lower layer of skin), however by focussing on the ‘Epidermis’ (the top layer of the skin) you will be able to affect real change and the skin must be stimulated to repair itself.

With the Lancer method, you exfoliate or polish the skins tops layer daily to transform your complexion.

Within the Lancer method ‘toner’ is also noticeably absent, Lancer believes that regular exfoliation negates the need for toner. Toner is believed to return the skin to its natural Ph levels – however with regular exfoliation your skin can do it automatically.

With regular gentle exfoliation you’re sending a message to your dermis that repair should begin and fresh cells needed. When you’re young, facial cell renewal occurs at a rapid pace, which is one of the reasons that young skin looks so vibrant and dewy. However, as you age, the process slows down and regular exfoliation will stimulate the process again. Regular exfoliation also means that creams & serums are more likely to penetrate the skin deeper.

It’s also worth noting that Ultraviolet light from the sun slows down the production of epidermal growth factor, one of the main reasons unprotected exposure to sunlight ages the skin prematurely.


The Lancer method changes the order of your skincare routine. With most skin regimens, you cleanse and then moisturise.

Lancer recommends:


  1. Cleanse (with a non-irritating, non-inflammatory and soothing product) Look out for cleansers with salicylic acid or alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) as they’ll deepen the exfoliation.

  2. Nourish (with a lotion, cream or serum to suit your skin type) Look out for ingredients such as Vitamin A, C, E, hyaluronic acid, peptides & pentapeptides. Avoid anything that’s heavily scented, because the scent can cause your skin to react.

  3. Protect (with SPF50, broad spectrum protection UVA & UVB) You can use the best creams in the world but they can’t do their job if you continue to expose your skin to the sun without protection.


  1. Polish (you can ‘polish’ your skin in two ways, either mechanically & chemically. Mechanical polishers can be anything from a loofah to a scrub with tiny grains. Chemical polishers are made of enzyme-based ingredients from plants that dissolve dead cells.) A combination of both is perfect and Dr Lancer says its worth investing in the best you can afford because the ‘polish’ is key to younger and healthier looking skin.

  2. Cleanse (as per AM)

  3. Nourish (as per AM)

A key component of the Dr Lancer method is about movement and diet, all working towards preventing blood sugar spikes and regulating the flow of insulin.

We always recommend regular facials as part of skincare maintenance; facials will generate an extra deep exfoliation by using high-strength professional products that are massage in for additional stimulating benefits. Coupled with regular exfoliation, you're giving your skin the best chance possible to regenerate.

Read more in Dr Lancer's book 'Younger, The Breakthrough Anti-Ageing Method for Radiant Skin'. We'd love to talk to you more about your skin. Book an appointment with our facialists 01904 629121 //

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