Bothy Bootcamp - Week Three MASSAGE

A facial massage has to be my favourite part of giving and receiving a professional facial but how often do we take care of our own skin like this at home?

Massage is an ancient technique and has roots in China, Mexico, France and Sweden, with each nation having a role to play in shaping what we know as a facial massage today.

My skin care predictions for 2021 is the ‘natural’ look. As hardly anyone is wearing make up any more during lockdown and no bars and restaurants open to get dressed up for, will we go back to our old habits of layering on the make up once they open again or have we gotten used to our naked faces?

Facial massage is the original anti-aging treatment, stimulating the lymph which detoxifies the cells, reducing dull and puffy skin. Facial massage done correctly can target your fascia, which is the thin mesh like connective tissue that lays in-between your skin and muscle. Often becoming dry and dehydrated, massage is the perfect way to wake it up and increase blood flow and hydration to the area. Massaging your fascial regularly can be your best anti-aging tool.

The best way to perfect a fascia massage is with a tool, my favourite is a Gua Sha. When we use our hands, we don’t always apply firm enough pressure so a Gua Sha crystal is great for performing the massage. The more often you massage your face the longer lasting the results will be. I place my Gua Sha in a glass of ice so it becomes super cool, providing extra relief for my puffy eyes in the morning.

Follow steps below for your facial massage or join me LIVE on Facebook and Instagram on WEDNESDAY 20th Jan at 7pm for more information!

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