About Tom's Garden Aromatherapy Products

This is my gorgeous friend Rachael. We've been friends since we went to school together in York - too many years to mention!

When we were younger I always remember Rachael coming up with new concoctions & recipes for creams, ailments & anything aromatherapy based. She always had a passion for 'natural based solutions' to illnesses & complaints.

Whilst working in the NHS as a nurse for the past 15 years, she's developed her interest and knowledge as an aromatherapist. Here's her story... And we hope you'll pop into The Bothy and buy her products too - they're just gorgeous.

Why did you start Tom’s Garden?

Tom’s Garden was created because I became more and more aware of the fact that I didn’t really know what I was putting onto my skin. I trained as an Aromatherapist over ten years ago and knew that I could produce skin care products that smell amazing and work to help specific concerns with skin care. I started making the candles for much the same reason, I had a particularly strong and synthetic smelling candle gifted to me and every time I burned it, it gave me a headache. I decided to create an aromatherapy candle that allowed natural aromas from essential oils, to fill the room and most importantly didn’t give me a fragrance induced headache.

Who is Tom?

Many ask "Who is Tom?", Tom was an estate gardener for Rowntrees, York in the 1970's. He also had a beautiful garden at home, the dedication and pride for his garden inspired the development and creation of the company 'Tom's Garden'.

As Tom's granddaughter, I can't say I have inherited his green fingers but I have acquired a love for natural products and plant based scents.

What is your background and how is it relevant to Tom’s Garden?

In 2007, I qualified as an aromatherapist. It was only after friends and family encouraged me to start selling my aromatherapy products that I decided to make the leap from hobby to business. Of course, the name was always going to be Tom’s Garden. It was in Grandad Tom’s garden as a small child that I smelt lavender and a sprig of rosemary. Like many little girls, I regularly tried to make perfume, ingredients included rose petals and any poor unsuspecting plant that smelt remotely pleasant.

What’s your most popular product?

The most popular product is the Calming Body Lotion. The fragrance of this product is liked by both men and women. The lotion is an effective moisturiser that is light and does not leave the skin feeling sticky. Many people have commented that they put this on at night and it helps them to relax and fall to sleep. I think this is a huge compliment, nothing says ‘calming’ more than being able to drift off to sleep.

What makes Tom’s Garden different to other aromatherapy brands?

Tom’s Garden is passionate about creating luxurious products to enhance well-being using natural, ethical and renewable ingredients. Each Tom’s Garden skin care product is hand blended using carefully chosen essential oils which smell amazing and work to target specific skin needs. For example, the calming range does not only create a sense of calm by smell alone. The essential oils chosen for this blend have toning, balancing, healing and anti-inflammatory properties which are perfect for calming the skin.

Tom’s Garden aromatherapy skin care products and candles are developed without compromising a commitment to use ethical resources and recyclable materials. Tom’s Garden believes we have a moral responsibility to protect our planet and behaves in a way that reflects this belief.

You can buy them online at www.tomsgarden.co.uk, or why not pop into The Bothy and pick some up. Prices are between £10 to £12 and we currently have offer on, buy the Rejuvenating Hand & Body Oil, Calming Body Lotion & receive the Calming Bath & Body oil free! £22 for all 3. (Whilst stock lasts!).

Also, our Manis and Pedis now use Tom's Garden natural aromatherapy products. Blended with Palmarosa, Frankincense, Lavender & Cypress to help relieve tension & nourish the skin. We can't wait to show you how great they are!

Book your Mani / Pedi online at BOTHY ONLINE BOOKING.

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