NEW NAIL TREATMENT: Revive & Enhance Manicure

Shellac or gel nails are so popular and it's easy to see why - a 45minute manicure that can last up to 3 weeks. However, not everybody can have Shellac or Gel nails indefinitely. Like hair and skin, everyone's nails are different, some oily and some dry, others strong and some brittle. Your nail type can have an impact on how long your Shellac nails last, if you find that Shellac or Gel nails don't last as long as they should, or your nails are peeling, then we've developed the perfect nail treatment for you. A longer lasting nail polish with a nail strengthening treatment. And of course, cuticle work to keep your fingers looking neat!

Don't get me wrong, most ladies love our Shellac treatment, but if you want to try something different - then please do give a REVIVE AND ENHANCE MANI a go!

Your fingernails are composed of laminated layers of a protein called keratin — they grow from the area at the base of the nail under your cuticle. Healthy fingernails are smooth, without pits or grooves. They're uniform in color and consistency and free of spots or discolouration. But if you find that the top layer of your nails are peeling, or have ridges then it might be time to put some extra love and nourishment into those nails.

Our new Revive and Enhance Manicure begins with cuticle work to tidy up the nail edge and remove dead skin and dirt from the top of the nail. We can also clip untidy edges but we never remove the cuticle because this can cause it to grow back quickly and heighten the risk of infection. Having your cuticle work done immediately makes your nails look neater and healthier.

We then apply our IBX treatment, a penetrating toughening agent that fuses together the nail’s top layers to improve nail plate integrity. It is also great for keeping your natural nails strong so that they grow longer! This is cured under a heat lamp to ensure the oils fuse and penetrate as deep as possible.

Once cured we apply Ridge FX, which smooths out your nail plate and also protects the nail bed from discolouration or polish. After the Ridge FX we apply two colour coats of Weekly Vinylux or you may opt for natural. We then finish with a top coat built to last.

Your first Revive and Enhance Manicure will last around 2 weeks and you'll receive a bottle of CND Long Wear Top Coat, which we ask you to reapply every 2-3 days. We'll also give you some tips on keeping your nails as healthy as possible. Everyone has periods where their nails aren't what they'd like them to be, periods of stress, poor diet etc. But let us nourish them for you!

£30 (45mins) for the first treatment (includes full size bottle of CND Vinylux Long Wear Top Coat).

£25 (45mins) for subsequent treatments.

After care:

As part of your first treatment you’ll receive a Weekly Vinylux Long Lasting Top Coat and we ask that you reapply top coat every 2-3 days.

And once your nails are fully dried please apply Solar Oil daily, use gloves when washing up and reapply hand cream twice daily, paying attention to the nails and cuticle area.

We’d also recommend using hand cream with natural essential oils and less harsh chemicals.

The best foods for nail health:

(Vitamin A) Carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, spinach

(Zinc) Chickpeas, lentils, nuts and seeds

(Omega 3 fatty acid) Flaxseeds, chia seeds, walnuts

(Biotin) Eggs, avocado, almonds, sweet potatoes

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