Transformational Yoga at The Bothy

We're excited to announce that from Friday 31st August we'll be doing Yoga classes at The Bothy on a Friday at 8.30am, with the amazing Joanne Merlini!


Friday 31st August, 8.30am. 1hr

Friday 7th September, 8.30am. 1hr


Friday 28th September, 8.30am. 1hrs

Friday 5th October, 8.30am. 1hrs

Friday 12th October, 8.30am. 1hrs

You can book the classes individually for £8.50 or £35 for 5 classes.

Spaces are limited, so booking essential.

Beginners & intermediates more than welcome.

Please call 01904 629121 to reserve your space and we can take payment over the phone.

We asked Joanne some questions about the life of a Yoga Instructor!

How did you get started in Yoga?

I discovered yoga in my early 20's and it has been a part of my life since then, sometimes on a purely physical level and in my 30's & 40's, connecting much deeper with yoga - 'the union of the body, mind and spirit' so not just the physical element of yoga.

How often do you practice and where do you teach (as well as Bothy)?

Yoga is a part of my every day life. For me it isn't just the physical sense of being on a mat, but in the breath, in the awareness of the moment, the yoga I bring into life. I practice every day and teach most days also, including Miller's Yard, the Uni, Strensall, Yoga Bomb, Spark, The Bothy and private classes. I also host workshops & Retreats, in September I'll be hosting my second retreat in Spain.

What motivates you to practise yoga everyday?

Yoga is as integral to my life as brushing my teeth. The benefits to the body, mind and spirit are my motivation. It allows me to come back to myself, connect and be present in awareness, all with a feeling of calm.

What would you say to budding Yogi's?

Try it! You will feel a sense of release in your physical body, but what you often connect with goes much deeper than that.

I have had students telling me they didn't know how to breathe until they came to class, that they feel a sense of bliss. Or they've slept deeper than ever! Whatever you take from the practice, it will be positive.

Tell us a bit more about the classes at The Bothy?

The classes will be suitable for beginners through to intermediate levels & we'll be looking at our technique, helping us to breathe deeper, using our core and strengthening our bodies and mind for the weekend ahead. It's going to be a wonderful way to start the Friday and I can't wait to use the space for Yoga. It'll be an intimate class, with just 6-8 participants. Which is the perfect size to really learn some Yoga sequences and perfect our techniques. Wear comfortable clothes and come with a relatively empty stomach and open mind. Can't wait to meet you all!

Please call 01904 629121 to reserve your space and we can take payment over the phone.

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