New Year, New Habits!

Following the excesses of December, January is the perfect opportunity to reflect and to introduce some new habits. It’s a new year, a 365-page blank book, a fresh start and a chance to tackle some of those habits that weren't helping you to live the way you wanted to. You might be plagued with stressed & tired skin, you may reach for the wrong foods too often, you might not look after yourself enough and so on... Over the course of the month we'll be sharing our tips, tricks and fixes for changing those bad habits!

These are the habits that Amelia and I are changing in 2018! We think if we say them 'out loud' - albeit digitally... Then we'll be more likely to change them! So feel free to check in with us and make sure we're doing them 😍

Prioritise Exercise

We just feel so much better when we're stronger & fitter. So, even if we can't fit in a long run or massive yoga session then we will make sure we do 'something' everyday. We'll be using our Fitbits (absolutely love them!!) and Strava to track our exercise and movements daily. I'm starting January by running everyday, which (it's day 5) and so far I'm loving... I certainly couldn't keep it up all year, but I'm very proud of myself that so far I've been out in the dark, the rain and howling wind!

Make time for regular facials at home and in the salon Facials are so much more than an hour of indulgent pampering. They have enormous benefits to the health and wellness of your skin. When you think about all of the regular visits you make (such as the dentist and hair salon), you should be focusing some of that time on your skin—even if it's just when seasons change and your skin is at its most vulnerable. Facials give your skin immediate results, so if you have a big event and your complexion needs a youthful boost of radiance, a facial could be just what you need. At The Bothy, we tailor our facials to you, your skins needs and your desired results. It often means that we use different products at different times of the year and no two treatments are the same. However, our tried and tested method of application stays the same, because we know it works so well for all our clients as do our professional strength products which really do regenerate and revitalise the skin cells. But of course, you can continue the good work at home and we'd recommend you have a 'home facial' every 1 to 2 weeks, with deep exfoliation & rehydration. On Friday the 23rd February we'll be running a 'Skin Health School' where you can learn to prep and massage your skin to achieve the after facial glow from home! But even as Beauty Professionals Amelia and I can forget that we need to love and look after our skin too, so we'll be making sure that we treat our skin every two weeks to either a salon or 'at home' facial.

Eat pretty & supplement your skincare Nutrition is a hugely important factor when it comes to energy levels and skin health. I can immediately see if I've had a week of excess alcohol and sugar, it appears on my skin as dullness and huge spots! A physical reminder that what goes on inside the body, appears on the outside. Over December (like most people) we've succumbed to the chocolates, Prosecco and rich foods... So now is a good time (not to diet - hate that word!!) but to re-balance our meals and snacks and make sure that we're putting food into our body that we really do need.

Unfortunately, however much fruit and vegetables we eat we can't always get the full amount of vitamins that we need. Amelia and I take 'Nutri-Advanced' supplements, to ensure that our immune systems, body, skin and vital organs are getting all the nutrients and protection they need. We both take a Women's Multi-Vitamin and Omega Oil. The former ensures we get all the right nutrients (including Biotin for skin, hair and nails) and the Omega oil is great for brain health and low mood (common at this time of year) and skin hydration.

Take time out - includes 'Digital Detoxing' Even when we think we're relaxed on the sofa, catching up on our favourite TV shows, we are bombarding our senses with a stream of information. Is anybody else guilty of 'double-screening' on their phones whilst watching TV? This year, I'm not going to do it... And we're not going to work past 8pm! With setting up a new business, Amelia and I have fallen into the trap of texting and chatting into the small hours about ideas we have, but it's not healthy and we need to give our minds some time out. So this year, I'll be putting down my phone at a reasonable hour and engaging my mind in more restorative activities. This one will be the hardest for me...

We're really looking forward to 2018 and seeing what adventures it's going to be bringing us. We also can't wait to see you all too! This year we'll be launching some new products and classes, including Weight Management programmes, Yoga sessions, Injectables (Botox), new products and technologies - we can't wait!

Love, Amanda xx

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