10 Reasons to come to The Bothy!

Last week was supposed to be the hardest week of the year - including blue Monday. But surely if we tell ourselves it'll be hard - IT WILL BE!

So instead of being blue, we've been having fun at The Bothy; Fitting in some extra training, recruiting a new member to the team and AND working out the 10 reasons why our clients love coming to us! We thought we'd share them with you 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼

Hope you agree and let us know if you think we've missed some!

  1. We have on-street parking and one car parking space available behind the salon. It's always easy to park and with it being outside of town there's no struggle to find a space, pay town prices and also means you can walk back to your car in anonymity.

  2. We've worked hard on getting the atmosphere 'just right' in the salon. Including looking after all your senses, from the textured throws and carpet underfoot, to the smells from our humidifier, to the happy chats (or silence if you prefer).

  3. We work hard to have regular training and to receive the latest training in industry standards. We are also aware and keep up to date with industry standards and the best practices. This is particularly key when we offers services such as Microblading and Injectables (Botox & Fillers). These areas aren't as regulated as we believe they should be, but we ensure that we are practising safely. And we also believe that using a medically trained Consultant to administer our Botox and Fillers is the way it should be!

  4. We have two members of the team (Paula and Beth) with excellent massage skills, so if you need some tension releasing, or some time to reflect then book in with them to try out their skills! You also get lots of massage as parts of our facials so a great way to both relax and protect your skin.

  5. We think carefully about the music we use for each of our treatments, whether that be the music in the front room or the music whilst you're having your waxing done. We've thought about it all so you can lie back and relax! NO sounds of the whales, or lift music here...

  6. Whilst we pride ourselves on our luxurious services, we offer 'affordable luxury' and have aligned ourselves with pricing in other York salons.

  7. We use 'Hot Wax' to wax the delicate areas, including face and intimate areas. We firmly believe that it is the kindest way to wax and wouldn't use anything else. We have so many clients come to us because of our expertise in 'Hot Wax' and you really will notice the difference, with less reddening and calmer skin.

  8. We are known for our facials and many of our clients are converts to regular facials. Even a regular 30 minute facial will make a huge difference to your skin health. But we think about all factors affecting your skin health, such as adult acne, diet, lifestyle, stresses and we can look at all of those with you. We believe that beauty has to work from the inside out, one of the reasons we sell supplements too!

  9. As part of our facials we will give you a hand and arm massage whilst your face mask does its work - we don't leave you alone for 15mins! And this is part of what makes our facials so luxurious.

  10. Our 4 therapists have a combined experience of 30 years and we work together to share knowledge, case studies and ways of doing things. We believe our job as therapists is to continually strive to do better for our clients.

BOOK online by clicking here: BOTHY ONLINE BOOKING or by calling 01904 629121, emailing revive@thebothywellness.co.uk

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